About Us

About Us

My name is Captain Spike R Doodles but people call me Spike. I was born on March 1, 2005. I was a quiet puppy and loved to destroy whole boxes of tissues. I hate taking baths and am not too fond of cats. Nowadays I love to sit or sunbathe in the front window of our home. I have a dopey brother named Senior Paco el Wapo, who we call Paco for short and a bratty sister named Paquita.

Paco was born March 28, 2008. I wasn’t too fond of him at first but now we are inseparable partners in crime. He loves to lick everyone and everything. Mommy used to think that he loved her so much until she caught him doing the same thing to the table. Paco is affectionate and obsessive especially with his toy hippo.

Our brat sister Paquita is a monster. She’ll be one in June which will never change her diva-ness. Paquita takes what she wants whenever she wants. She drives us so crazy that eventually we’ll have to give her some part in this business maybe her own clothing line.

Even though Paco is not as bright as I am and has OCDs we get along famously. His biggest OCD was chewing on his name tags. Paco would get so excited and constantly put them in his mouth that his tags became unreadable. Our veterinarian even had concerns about his teeth. Our mom found a collar online that held his information on a metal tag embedded in the collar giving our father a brilliant business idea.

Spike and Paco wear was designed to prevent dogs like Paco from chewing their tags to death. Problems with chewing tags not only remove's the information of our parents but is extremely bad for our teeth. We hope to help our fellow dogs by selling our own line of customizable dog collars and tags for those of us that don’t have to eat our tags to be happy.